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Sutherland Brothers (Gavin and Iain Sutherland) originally performed as a folk / rock duo in the field of British music in the early 1970s.

Personnel details
Gavin Sutherland (born 6 October 1951, in Peterhead, Scotland) - Bassist / vocalist.
Iain Sutherland (born 17 November 1948, in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland) - Vocalist / guitarist.

They began in 1968 as A New Generation, having some early success with the single "Smokie Blues Away" (which used a melody based on the main theme of Dvorak's New World Symphony). Subsequently re-billed as The Sutherland Brothers Band, they won a new recording contract with Island Records and put out two albums in 1972. Their first minor hit was "The Pie" in 1970.

In an effort to diversify and expand their folk based sound, the Sutherland Brothers joined forces with a local rock band known as Quiver. Quiver included the guitarist Tim Renwick, keyboardist Peter Wood and drummer Willie Wilson. Their joint greatest success came under the credit of The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver. Several moderately successful albums were released by Island Records throughout the 1970s under this joint name before they moved to CBS Records where they recorded, amongst other songs, the Top Ten hit single "Arms of Mary".

The band were just reaching their peak as the punk music explosion happened; they ended up being ousted from their residency at London's Marquee Club to make way for the likes of The Damned and X-Ray Spex. The group quickly found that its cheerful, folk-rock style had fallen out of fashion, and disbanded after recording a final album in 1979.

One of the earlier Sutherland Brothers recordings is "Sailing", which exists in two versions: one with The Sutherland Brothers alone, the other together with Quiver. "Sailing" was no success for the Brothers, but in 1975, it became a major hit for Rod Stewart.

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